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Divia Creations


Our Awakening Breathwork Ceremonies differ a lot from a regular breathwork class. At these special events, where the right setting is playing a big role in the experience, we get together as the ancient tribes during the Vedic period in the ancient India – where this technique is originated from – and we breathe together creating a coherence not only between our heart and mind, but also creating coherence between each other. Breathing together, connecting to each other and sharing our energies. We all know that the human mind is very potent and powerful. When we add together our energies in a high vibrational, elevated state, that gives a very powerful and profound experience, excelerating the positive effects of the ritual. After the breathwork ceremony enjoying this higher frequency and consciousness that we have reached during the Awakening Ceremony, we share Hapé.
Hapé, the ancient plant medicine that the Amazonian tribes have been using (even until today), sharing in a ceremonial way. Focusing on the apropriate Set & Setting, sharing these two different but well matching ancient rituals, we maximalize our human potential, and the positive effects on our Mind, Body and Soul.


In the ancient yogic teachings, the practice of directing the breath is called Pranayama, and it teaches you to breathe consciously, with awareness, and with intent. Within the teachings, there exists many different exercises that can help you tap into your breath as a means of building self-awareness and focus during meditation or yoga. Today, breathwork has evolved to include many new techniques that focus on the use of breathing exercises as a means of therapy and self-healing. Breathwork is more than an exercise of breathing correctly or with intent. These breathing techniques are tools for major transformation and healing. Breathwork encompasses a broad range of whole-being therapeutic practices and exercises used to relieve mental, physical, and/or emotional tension. Breathwork can be benefit your mind, body, and spirit. During our breathwork ceremonies we are focusing on the Awakening process. Focusing on the Spiritual Awakening, having an altered, more conscious state, and a divine connection, experiencing the Light, and a vivid connection to the Source, to the Creator.

the health & spiritual benefits of breathwork

Benefits on the Body:
Breathing is a vital part of life; it helps deliver oxygen into your bloodstream and remove carbon dioxide. Completing a full breath cycle involves your whole body—your chest, belly, back, and mind. It takes effort to coordinate all elements of the breath, even though the simple process seems effortless. The physical benefits of deep breathing are often immediate. By breathing deeply, you can activate your parasympathetic nervous system, and in turn slow down your heart rate and lower your blood pressure—creating a feeling of calm. You also rely on your diaphragm instead of your chest, inviting your neck and chest muscles to relax and engage your abs and a larger amount of oxygen to reach your body’s cells and organs. When your body is operating under “fight-or-flight” response, or stress, it releases a surge of hormones (such as cortisol and adrenaline) that causes your breathing to speed up, increases your pulse and blood pressure, and puts you in a state of hypervigilance. Deep breathing can help reverse this response and relax your body.

​ Benefits on the Mind:
In addition to reversing the physical stress response in your body, deep breathing can also help calm and slow down the emotional turbulence in your mind. In fact, there are studies that show breathwork can help treat depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Breathwork can help you reach a deeper state of mind. While in this state, you may be able to access buried emotions, grudges, and traumas, and ultimately release yourself from their grip on your mental state. Breathwork is often used to help those who have mental health issues and is seen as a way to calm and focus your mind.

​ Benefits on the Spirit:
Breathwork can also be spiritual. When you practice, you can move beyond your body and mind, and connect with your core spirit—your Self. In other words, you can remove your ego and connect to your true Self and the Universe. Many people who practice breathwork experience spiritual awakenings or attunements to their inner being.


The History of Hapé
Hapé (or Rapé) is a ground-up shamanic snuff. A fine, light-colored powder, that contains Nicotiana Rustica, a type of tobacco also known as mapacho – different from the tobacco used in cigarettes – and a combination of sacred, medicinal plants provide different uses and effects, and the exact recipe is often kept secret by the shaman. Snuff goes back to the time of the Incas. It’s frequently used in spiritual practice by shamans and tribes in Brazil, and in Peru. In contemporary Amazonia, sharing hapé is a common social activity with spiritual, pre-Columbian roots.

​ Hapé Ceremony as Shamanic Ritual:
Hapé is considered to be a sacred, shamanic medicine. It’s traditionally prepared by a knowledgeable shaman, and sharing rapé was traditionally done in a ritualistic way, because the medicine can have stimulating or psychoactive effects (depending on what plants were used to make it). Receiving hapé can bring about a profound experience of the Forest. Because the medicine is sacred, the Indians take hapé as a prayer calling upon the forces of Nature, the blessing of the animals of the forest, and power of medicinal plants to heal us and give us strength. As taking rapé is a prayer, the set and setting will impact the experience of your prayer. he set is your mindset and headspace, while the setting is your external environment. In our Hapé ceremonies we carefully select places outside in nature, and administrate it at the altar during a ceremony, or in a quiet sacred space indoors, with high-vibrational music playing. The set is your mindset and headspace. It’s essential that both the Set & Setting are intentionally aligned when using Rapé. Once intentions have been set, it might be to clear your mind, answer a question you’ve been asking, or deepen your meditative state, the person administering and the user can proceed with the medicine. Hapé is blown through your nose using a v-shaped bamboo pipe.

the physical & mental benefits of hapé

When Rapé enters your nose, it immediately permeates through your mucous membranes into your bloodstream. The constituents attach to nicotine receptors, resulting in increased production of dopamine, acetylcholine, and epinephrine. These chemical processes cause the person to feel relaxed and calm, yet aware and alert. It happens quickly and often feels like a jolt, yet it typically doesn’t cause anxiety or fear. You should close your eyes, breathe slowly, and focus on your intention when the effects quickly start to set in. Most people experience watery eyes due to the sensitivity of the nose, and also due to the fact that Rapé is a purgative for many.

-The mind becomes quieter, negativity clears out, and emotional tensions release.
-Feel more grounded during the experience
-Allowing to clear up confusions or discomfort about an issue you may have
-Focus on the intention you set, you may easily find what you were looking for, being in a state of consciousness or an answer to a question.
-Your mind gets purged of everything it needs to let go of. The body often follows suit.

the GROUNDING experience
breathwork & HAPÉ ceremony

Releases heavy thoughts, giving clarity, liberates your mind and your body. Removing toxins from the body as well as toxic thoughts that may attached. Brings your mind into the present moment, letting you to be focused and aware. Calming the mind means activation. Activating the dormant parts of the brain, meanwhile you are more aware and conscious. This state helps you to find new solutions, to your existing situations.

-Helps purify the system
-Forcing a release of toxins, mucus and other unwanted things in the body
-Helps with congestion problems
-Liberating negative thoughts and patterns
-Uplifting your mood
-Opens you up to new information
-Helps your spiritual process
-Strengthens immunity

The only Journey is the Journey within.