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Divia Creations


Breathwork, our special breathing techniquie which is combined with brainwave music, will bring you into a deep meditative state, creating alpha and even theta brainwaves. Alpha brainwaves are the classic meditative brainwaves, but when you are in theta, that opens the door for your creativity and it can be used for manifestation. After the breath meditation meanwhile still keeping this altered state, you get into the Temazcal, into the “steam lodge” that has been used through centuries by the ancient Mayan and Mezoamerican tribes, and it was considered as a sacred ritual that gives a lot more than the health benefits of the steam bath itself. In this ceremony we continue the breathwork meditation in the Temazcal, creating a very special ritual. Applying pranayama breathing excercises and visualisation techniques to reach altered states of consciousness. During this special, combined ritual a deep meditative state with a surge of low alpha and theta wave activity is achieved where we can consciously control our autonomic nervous system and influence the powers of the brain stem. If you believe in the law of attraction and manifesting, this is the ritual that is the key factor for the ability to create the reality you want.


The Awakening Breathwork ceremony is a high intensity training for your body, soul & spirit that awakens you to your full human potential. A multisensory meditation experience that can awaken dormant parts of your brain, improving many aspects of your body and mind. The participants get together, and laying down on the yoga mats or staying in a sitting position. The Breathwork Master Instructor will bring the group gently into a deep meditative state.

Reaching to ALFA:

Meditation means that you slow down your brainwaves from Beta (that is our normal waking state of consciousness) to the lower brainwave states, like Alpha, which is the resting state of the brain associated with meditative and hypnotic states of awareness. Alpha helps us with mental clarity, calmness, learning and mind-body connection. In Alpha state you are completely in the present moment. You are able to start tuning in to your intuitive awareness. Reaching Alpha state is considerably easy.

Reaching to THETA:

With our breathwork technique you can reach further, and go deeper in your inner self, reaching in Theta state. Theta is the state when you are just about the sleep or wake up. A deep meditative state, where we can tune further in to our intuitive perception reaching to our psychic perception, and it is where we can access information beyond our normal conscious awareness, and we can access our memory bank. It brings your awareness to your internal messages and signals. Theta brainwaves are also where we hold our limiting beliefs, our troubles and fears.

the health & spiritual benefits of reaching alfa and theta states through breathwork

-Gives sense of piece and mental clarity

-Improves memory

-Improves hormonal balance

-Releasing oxytocin during the state of Alfa and Theta

-Creating neuroplasticity, that allows the brain to creating new neural pathways

-It allows you to rewire your limiting beliefs, or change bad habits, improves our mood

-Releasing serotonin that is enhencing the gut-brain connection

-Regulating apetite and bowel movements

-Serotoning is called the hormon of “happyness”, the overall good feeling


The History of Temazcal:

These ancient rituals have been part of Mexican and South American culture for around 1,000 years. The word itself originates from a Nahuatl word Temāzcalli, which translates to “house of heat.”Thought to have derived from the Pre-Hispanic indigenous people of Mesoamerica, the cleansing ritual took place before and after battles and sports tournaments. It was also thought to have healing powers and was a place to give birth.

Temazcal Ceremony as Shamanic Ritual:

During a ceremony, participants will enter a sweat lodge (typically an igloo-shaped hut) constructed from volcanic stone, wood or cement. Once inside, hot volcanic rocks are placed in the center, and water is poured over the rocks to produce steam. Herbs, typically sage or copal, are added to aid the cleansing process. While every ritual is different, ceremonies can last around two hours. Our ceremony begins outside the sweat lodge, next to where the stones are being heated, around the fire, with a shaman-led series of thanksgiving or chanting.

the physical & mental benefits of temazcal

Temazcal, like other forms of steam room, has many physical benefits. Sweat helps to push out toxins, all harmful bodies that enter our systems. Getting rid of them can help to improve your overall well-being. The steam produced by pouring cold water over the hot rocks helps to flush out impurities in the skin, clearing the pores and creating a smoother look. Steam rooms could also help to treat acne. Increasing the amount you sweat can help you get rid of water weight. While not a cause for concern, water weight can cause bloating and be uncomfortable. The heat in a temazcal ceremony will open up your capillaries, allowing blood to move around the body more easily. This has many benefits including increased oxygen levels and lower blood pressure. Repeated thermal therapy can help if suffering from mild depression, as well as reduce symptoms such as insomnia, appetite loss, and anxiety. The Ancient Mayans often carried out temazcal rituals for warriors returning from battle, and they were right. Thermal therapy increases blood circulation, thereby delivering vital hormones to areas of the body that most need them for recovery. Exposure to heat can help reduce pain in patients with arthritis because it stimulates the release of endorphins and hormones such as adrenaline.

the GROUNDING experience

A very profound meditative and spiritual experience that helps you grounding, meanwhile having lot of positive effects on your body. A deep connection to your innerself to Mother Earth and to the Ancestors.

-Detoxify the body, flushes out toxins

-Cleanse the respiratory system

-Purifies skin

-Supports weight loss

-Aids blood flow

-Reduce chronic fatique

-Helps hormonal balance

-Releases emotional bloques, limiting beliefs

-A good tool for manifestation and personal growth

Living in Harmony with Nature is Fundamental
to Be Conscious.