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Divia Creations


You Can Absolutely Create It All!

"I see every leader as a whole. This holistic approach is the guarantee for long-lasting results."

Hello, I’m Gabriella Kormendi Szabo, a visionary and creator, passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of others. As an innovative Integrated Coach and successful entrepreneur, I specialize in empowering conscious leaders and entrepreneurs like yourself to reach your full potential by harmoniously blending research-backed business coaching methods with a holistic approach. I started my professional journey in the corporate world, with a strong foundation in Marketing, Public Relations, and Communication. For over a decade, I was immersed in the dynamic media industry, launching renowned magazines and working with leading electronic media outlets. I held positions of increasing responsibility, culminating in the role of Marketing Director for a major political daily publication. In the zenith of my career, I chose to step into an entirely new world – Cuba. Against all odds, I made the impossible possible by not only establishing a travel agency in a country where it seemed improbable but also successfully managing it since 2008. My company became the leader of the Corporate Travel industry as an incentive tour operator, managing large company groups of up to 600.
When the global pandemic hit, I didn’t let it deter me. Instead, I adapted and reimagined my business by re-activating our operations in Cuba and Mexico and launching a new branch organizing company retreats, which is an innovative approach in the incentive travel industry. I found a way to recreate my success in a changed world, reflecting my resilience and determination. During this time, I also invested in myself and further deepened my knowledge in various fields. I became a Certified Business Coach and Consultant, and as a lifetime learner, also delved into Emotional Intelligence, Somatic Psychology, Aromatherapy, Theta Healing, and I became a Certified Breathwork Instructor as well. While I had already been familiar with some of these areas, I took the opportunity to make a big step and merge my business expertise with my passion for personal growth. This led to the creation of Divia Creations, a brand that combines Coaching – sharing my experience and knowledge with people – with the passion for travel in the form of personal, and corporate/leadership retreats.
At Divia Creations, we offer tailor-made coaching programs, immersive retreats, and self-learning resources designed to help you break through limiting beliefs, harness your innovative potential, and manifest success. I believe that modern, business-based thinking and the ability to tap into one’s own resourcefulness are not mutually exclusive concepts. Instead, they are the fundamental qualities of a new era of successful leaders and entrepreneurs. My mission is to guide you on this transformative journey, combining the best of both worlds: research-backed strategies and holistic practices, all from the perspective of a successful entrepreneur who has firsthand experience with the challenges and triumphs of building a prosperous business. With Divia Creations, you’re not just signing up for a coaching program – you’re embarking on a journey of self-discovery and growth, guided by a coach who understands your challenges and aspirations. Here’s to your journey to success.

Is that what you’re looking for?

So, if you’re ready to create the life or business of your dreams with ease and flow, let’s connect. Apply for your no-obligation, complimentary coaching session with me today, and let’s work together to make your dreams a reality.

Harmony in Business and Private life is not only a dream. You can absolutely create it all!