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Divia Creations


Ecstatic Dance is a freeform movement journey, held in a safe and sacred container, & facilitated by a professional DJ. It’s a place where we can be our unique selves, and also connected to a common source. Ecstatic Dance combines the Freedom of a DJ’d Fiesta Experience with the Awareness of a Conscious Dance Practice.


The Awakening Breathwork ceremony is a high intensity training for your body, soul & spirit that awakens you to your full human potential. A multisensory meditation experience that can awaken dormant parts of your brain, improving many aspects of your body and mind. The participants get together, and laying down on the yoga mats or staying in a sitting position. The Breathwork Master Instructor will bring the group gently into a meditative state, releasing all tension from their body. But the mind will be still awake, being aware of every senses of the body. Than we start a rhytmic, diaphragmatic breathing followed by breath retention phases, that activates the inner pharmacy of the body, meanwhile opening the mind into higher consciousness. This is an active, guided meditation, where you can experience the power of your breath, that is combined with special brainwave music helping you to get into deeper meditative state, meanwhile your instructor will guiding you the whole journey in your innerself, giving positive affirmations that reprograms the subsconscious mind. A profound but yet very joyful and exciting experience!

the health & spiritual benefits of breathwork

-Activates your Inner Pharmacy
-Reduces oxidative stress
-Improves circulation
-Increases heart rate variability, that reduces feeling depression and insomnia
-Strengthening, healing and nourishing your body with vital oxygen
-Transmute sexual life force energy
-Help to manifest your intentions
-Takes your meditation practice to the next level


Ecstatic Dance is a Freeform Conscious Dance. As soon as you enter the space, you are invited to let go of judgements and expectations, and allow yourself to feel you emotions, sensations, body, mind, and spirit. Because this is a safe space for movement and expression

Most dances include:
A warm-up activity (such as yoga/contact improv/group movement)
An opening circle
A 2 hour Ecstatic Dance
A wind-down period (such as Sound Healing or Meditation)
A Closing Circle
The format and flow varies from dance to dance.

You are not required to participate in any part of this which does not feel alive for you. It is completely ok to sit/rest/observe at anytime. Most dances allow you to arrive and leave when you wish, but some dances do close the doors at a certain point in the night.

the spiritual benefits of ecstatic dance

Release. Letting go. Connecting to Yourself!

It is always a Good Idea to begin by Dancing with Yourself. Feel into how you are doing in this moment, and in your Life in general. Set an Intention for Yourself & for The World at Large at the beginning of the Dance.

the BE YOURSELF experience

It is a fun, uplifting experience in a safe and open community
where you can connect to Yourself!

-Release any tension that you carry in your body
-Helps to disconnect from everyday problems and feel free
-Free your mind, body and soul
-An active meditation through movement
-A space where you can connect to yourself
-Helps to work on self love